This coffee acts to promote blood circulation and restore erectile strength to those who suffer from impotence. This Coffee will make you and your partner feel the great. Suitable for people with diabetes, hypertension and gout. Dragash Coffee its a product that will talk by itself. This Premix Coffee, is a mixture of Guarana from Brazil, Maca from Peru and Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) from Malaysia. Without drinking Dragash Coffee, you will never know the power of this coffee and once  you drink you are definate to come back. This is a Money Back Guaranteed Product. 


Feel And Let Dragash Coffee Prove Your Greatness

Dragash Coffee (“Be A Master With Master Coffee”) is a brand registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Malaysia and is under the name of Tonoil RO Sdn Bhd (Company No. 1108891-T) and was registered in 2014. Dragash Coffee has been the best superior coffee product and gives a miracle boost to your internal and external body strength. This coffee promotes a good blood circulation, restore erectile and strenght to those who suffer from impotence. The company’s principal activity involves international retailing that explores the fields of nutrition and nutritious food.

Dragash Coffee has been blended with a unique herb with its distinctive aroma. Dragash Coffee has gone through several experimental processes and assessments to produce the best ingredients. Dragash Coffee has penetrated the Chinese market and will penetrate the overseas market in stages. Dragash Coffee is comprised of robust macca, Guarana imported from Brazil as well as Tongkat Ali and non-dairy crabs. You can also add honey bee to add more exciting Dragash Coffee.

Build strength that makes your spouse feel your greatness. Suitable for all ages with weak inner energy. Regardless you are man or woman DRAGASH COFFEE is the best formula to stimulate your body system up to maximum.You will noticed the stimulation once you drink it. Also the best alternative drink for those having diabetes and high blood pressure it plays as a good energy booster, try first you won’t be disappointed.(not advisable for pregnant woman)

• Brand registered in intellectual property in Malaysia
• Approval from the Ministry of Health in Malaysia
• Brand got Halal certification from Jakim in Malaysia
• Dragash Coffee mixes are suitable for men and women and are more special for couples.
• Suitable for diabetics, gaut and hypertension.
• Not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding babies.
• Money back guarantee
• A combination of herbs that give birth to a miracle for a spouse.
• This coffee will give you an answer about its own specialties.
1 box contains 5 sachets
1 sachet 23 grams

How to drink: –

• Water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius to ensure that the coffee powder is completely dissolved.
• Do not brew with boiling water because the natural herbs will be lost.
• 1/2 packs with 80 ml hot water.
• 1 package 150 ml of hot water.
• Do not drink ice.
• Drink when you want to relax especially during the night after meals.
• Give yourself a chance to try this product and it will not disappoint you.
• Positive Feedback From Customers

Positive feedback from our Customer. 

1. Each time arise in the morning, will feel more energetic.
2. More spirit, eager and willing to carry out any tasks and daily activities.
3. More energy to incite passion and enhance vitality, never experience before.
4. Your partner and yourself will never be disappointed.
5. Very suitable for all ages and backgrounds.
6. Can overcome the problem of prematurity.
7. No side effects.
8. Can be consumed anytime


* Suitable for all ages unless pregnant and breastfeeding.The effects and reactions of dripping Dragash Coffee will make your body and head will experience a little impact and it is due to the progressive blood transfusions in your veins. This is because your body is lacking in water. You are advised to drink enough warm water daily because your body needs 80% water. Your blood will flow with a slight increase in speed so it can smoothen your blood transfusion and the external and internal effects of your body will be felt for hours.

Act to launch blood transfusion and to produce internal energy as well as suitable for couples who suffer from durability while together. Your stamina and energy will be active again and will make your partner feel the magic.

Besides you enjoy dragash coffee for personal use you can also generate extra income by selling this product.You can become a millionaire with Dragash Coffee. Feel and enjoy Dragash Coffee to regain your energy and end your partner’s complaint with Dragash Coffee.

You can contact En Omar at 016-9026669 | 603-27700154 or Mohd Daud at 019-3698122 | 603-27700164 for purchase and bookings and get more information about Dragash Coffee products.

51 Scientific Reasons Coffee Is Healthy – Copy Articles From Michael York @

  • 1-Wakes you up
  • 2-Improves your focus
  • 3-Helps relieve headaches
  • 4-Makes your smarter
  • 5-Provides essential nutrients
  • 6-A large source of antioxidants
  • 7-Improves good cholesterol
  • 8-Reduces inflammation
  • 9-One of the lowest calorie drinks
  • 10-Raises metabolic rate & burns fat
  • 11-Keeps you hydrated
  • 12-Improves physical performance
  • 13-Preserves your muscles
  • 14-Helps you workout harder
  • 15-Reduces muscle soreness after exercise
  • 16-Helps meet daily dietary fiber
  • 17-Helps keep your bowel healthy
  • 18-Lowers risk of colorectal cancer
  • 19-Benefits gastrointestinal flora
  • 20-Helps recover colon surgery quicker
  • 21-Improves blood circulation
  • 22-Enhances DNA repair
  • 23-Protects against cataracts
  • 24-Protects against retinal damage
  • 25-Protects against eyelid spasm
  • 26-Relieves symptoms of asthma
  • 27-Lowers risk of gallstones
  • 28-Lowers risk of kidney stones
  • 29-Reduces risk of oral cancer
  • 30-Lowers risk of liver cancer
  • 31-Protects liver from cirrhosis
  • 32-Lowers risk of prostate cancer
  • 33-Lowers risk of endometrial cancer
  • 34-Protects against estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer
  • 35-Fights cardiovascular disease
  • 36-Lowers risk of stroke in women
  • 37-Great for your skin
  • 38-Lowers stress
  • 39-Fights depression
  • 40-Lowers risk of type II Diabetes
  • 41-Protects against dementia
  • 42-Lowers Alzheimer’s disease
  • 43-Lowers Parkinson’s disease risk
  • 44-Helps with your memory
  • 45-Prevents ringing in the ears
  • 46-Good for your teeth
  • 47-Stimulates hair growth
  • 48-Prevents erectile dysfunction
  • 49-Perks up sperm
  • 50-Protect against gout
  • 51-May add years to your life